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The new way of listing folders isn't very good, so here are the original links

[DIR] #MTF Indicators/
[DIR] #Presentations/
[DIR] #Robert Hill/
[DIR] #Statements/
[DIR] 5 Minute Intraday/
[DIR] bmp/
[DIR] cab/
[DIR] csv/
[DIR] dll/
[DIR] doc/
[DIR] eml/
[DIR] ex4/
[DIR] flv/
[DIR] gif/
[DIR] htm/
[DIR] jpg/
[DIR] net/
[DIR] pdf/
[DIR] png/
[DIR] ppt/
[DIR] scripts/
[DIR] set/
[DIR] tpl/
[DIR] txt/
[DIR] wav/
[DIR] xls/

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