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[Attachment(s) from Loren Morlan included below]

Al, price is not tracing impulse wave 3.  I attach two charts posted on 11/26/11, re this issue.  Price is tracing corrective waves a, b and c.  Price is now searching for C low in the monthly period.  Price will trace an A, B C pattern to its low.  Price is now near the low of wave A as observed in the 4 and 1 hour periods.  Daily period currently traces an incomplete  bullish AB=CD price pattern (ZUP76 indicator).   Price will trace higher incident to wave B thereafter it will resume its path to C low in the monthly.


Corrective patterns are much more difficult to accurately trade since they often do not trace divergences.  Price patterns offer some instruction re corrective wave lows or highs.  Price may well retrace to 61.8 or even 78.6 in the monthly period for C low.



From: Al Snyder [mailto:snydersearch@msn.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 6:26 PM
To: loren
Subject: Question on wave 3's


I am following EURUSD... my past counts have been somewhat off. Now, it seems clear we are/have been in a 3 of 3 down. Relentless.
I have been following with RSI primarily, looking for divergence patterns. Although the trend seems exhausted, my analysis shows we have more to go. Thus, I have kept my trades active.
Please remind me: what divergence pattern do you look for a the end of a 3 of 3, if not the entire wave. This is quite instructive...

AL SNYDER 443-951-9724 snydersearch@msn.com


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