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[Attachment(s) from Loren Morlan included below]

SQQQ (3xs short), TQQQ (3xs long) NASDAQ.



Fractals are always present at EW highs and lows.  They conclusively establish EWs in the period considered.   Vertical solid lines identify trend waves, in this instance impulse corrective.  Dashed lines identify counter trend waves.   These lines are a permanent addition to all currencies, equities or indices traded.  A visual record of price location in the longer term EW cycle.


The weekly period is important because it reflects price location in the most recent EW traced.  In this chart all EWs trace fractals at their highs or lows.  The most recent wave 2 has not yet generated a fractal  but will later do so.   Another weekly bar must close below wave 2.  Later RSI will trace a complex W below its 30 line incident to wave 3 low.  Currently price is searching for wave 3 low which is in the direction of the longer term down cycle. 



There will always be a RSI CPD between waves 3 and 5 in a down cycle. 


Shorter time frames allow for lower risk entries  once the longer term trend is recognized.


Price has previously traced an impulse cycle lower and will continue to trace this pattern to its ultimate low.   Price is tracing a zigzag corrective pattern.  See the “cheat sheet” describing the 8 different corrective patterns.


MACD indicators should also be considered in this analysis.


Price has fully documented its search for wave 3 low in the weekly period.  Large surprise sell offs can occur in this period.




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